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Tips to Increase website loading speed


Mar 19

March 18, 2019

4 Easiest Tips to Increase Your Page Load Speed in 2019

The world is moving so fast. When the new iPhone comes out, many people rush to be the first to check, play, and review it. When there’s breaking news, people are affixed to their TV screens watching for updates whereas reporters scramble to be the first to deliver. It’s no surprise people expect this same kind of severity and speed when they are browsing the internet. They want their user experience unrestrained in order that they can effortlessly receive the data they were trying to find. Today, people have no patience to wait for the sites with poor load speeds…

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Mar 19

March 8, 2019

Hiring the Best Mobile App Developers: Do’s and Don’ts

By QS Admin / App Development, Mobile Apps

In today’s fast-moving era of technology, we are all surrounded by technologies and their advancements and one of them are the mobile apps. Today, all businesses are aware of the fact that only having the web presence is not enough in this competitive market. And that’s the reason; they are leveraging more on mobile apps nowadays. As a business, creating the mobile apps is of great significance, because the end users have become technologically deft and everyone needs all the features on the go. There are some businesses which have their in-house apps, whereas some others hire a mobile app…

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Jan 19

January 4, 2019

Accounting and Taxes: Let QualiteSoft take the Charge of it for You

By QS Admin / Accounting and Taxes

As you grow fast in the business line, you fall short of time in order to keep a track of your money, says accounting and taxes. If it is the case with you, you definitely need to hire QualiteSoft so that up to date clean records are maintained. Like all other essential service activities, Accounting is also one of them. Each service activity holds certain importance, while Accounting is vital from business and individual point of view as you get all the required information regarding your financial decisions. However, the business accounting includes proper record keeping of all the data…

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Dec 18

December 26, 2018

How Outsourcing QA Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Business?

Software Testing from a business perspective is a difficult task unless it’s supported by the proper resources. For software to be foolproof, QA or software testing is vital, and hence, outsourcing this task to a specialist company eases the burden to a good extent. Earlier, outsourcing was simply a way wont to abate prices. However, in recent times, it’s become an efficient strategy for achieving higher business objectives. Assigning the task of Quality Assurance to a specialist QA and Software Testing Company having relevant expertise in the same domain accelerates the whole software Development process, ensuring productivity, perspicacity, and competency….

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Dec 18

December 19, 2018

Are You Listening to SEOs or Consumers?

By QS Admin / SEO Optimization

All of us know that Nokia never asked their customers if they want Nokia to change to Android or not nor do Apple asks their customers what they require. But it isn’t the case in most cases. Nokia was unfortunate and ended up in a failure whereas Apple is still on the path of success. Listening to your customers and search engine optimization, both aspects play different roles. Lets us know the importance of both these aspects on a business. Significance of Listening to Consumers Some think that there is no point in asking consumers about their expected requirements whereas…

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