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Dec 18

December 26, 2018

How Outsourcing QA Can Be a Game-Changer for Your Business?

Software Testing from a business perspective is a difficult task unless it's supported by the proper resources. For software to be foolproof, QA or software testing is vital, and hence, outsourcing this task to a specialist company eases the burden to a good extent. Earlier, outsourcing was simply a way wont to abate prices. However, in recent times, it's become an efficient strategy for achieving higher business objectives. Assigning the task of Quality Assurance to a specialist QA and Software Testing Company having relevant expertise in the same domain accelerates the whole software Development process, ensuring productivity, perspicacity, and competency....

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Dec 18

December 19, 2018

Are You Listening to SEOs or Consumers?

By QS Admin / SEO Optimization

All of us know that Nokia never asked their customers if they want Nokia to change to Android or not nor do Apple asks their customers what they require. But it isn’t the case in most cases. Nokia was unfortunate and ended up in a failure whereas Apple is still on the path of success. Listening to your customers and search engine optimization, both aspects play different roles. Lets us know the importance of both these aspects on a business. Significance of Listening to Consumers Some think that there is no point in asking consumers about their expected requirements whereas...

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Dec 18

December 5, 2018

Top 10 Ways to Promote A Mobile App on AppStore

This is a question we hear most of the time. However it's an extremely hard question to answer because there are such a lot of alternative ways to market an app. And especially, when you've got a restricted quantity of your time and want to focus your efforts on things which can actually move the needle for you. We have been within the app marketing industry since long time and have helped several businesses got success with the feature-loaded apps. That's the reason, we've created this comprehensive app marketing guide to assist you promote your current app or alter your...

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Nov 18

November 28, 2018

Why Technology Startups should not ignore Software Testing?

By QS Admin / Software Testing

Most of the companies which are well-established have started to realize the significance of software testing. This is now being very essential for the technology start-ups. The new companies in the field of technology face several problems, issues and uncertainties. The new companies are opting to choose the use of software testing, as it is a vital thing in concern with the quality issue. Getting some bugs while going through the software development process might not seem a big deal. The detection of those bugs is to be done at some cost, other than the costs related to product release....

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Dec 17

December 22, 2017

E-commerce SEO: The Advanced & Ultimate Guide to Optimize E-commerce Websites

Ultimately, your website is ready and it has all the features that you wanted. Now you would be expecting to see a rise in the traffic as well as in the conversion rates. But aren’t you forgetting the most important part? Yeah, we are talking about SEO. There is not even a freckle of doubt in the fact that your business has state of the art website, but how the customers would come to know about it when it is not even on the second page of Google? According to a survey, most of the customers end their search on...

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