Top 10 Ways to Promote A Mobile App on AppStore

This is a question we hear most of the time. However it's an extremely hard question to answer because there are such a lot of alternative ways to market an app. And especially, when you've got a restricted quantity of your time and want to focus your efforts on things which can actually move the needle for you. We have Continue Reading

Why Technology Startups should not ignore Software Testing?

Most of the companies which are well-established have started to realize the significance of software testing. This is now being very essential for the technology start-ups. The new companies in the field of technology face several problems, issues and uncertainties. The new companies are opting to choose the use of software testing, as it is a vital thing in concern Continue Reading

E-commerce SEO: The Advanced & Ultimate Guide to Optimize E-commerce Websites

Ultimately, your website is ready and it has all the features that you wanted. Now you would be expecting to see a rise in the traffic as well as in the conversion rates. But aren’t you forgetting the most important part? Yeah, we are talking about SEO. There is not even a freckle of doubt in the fact that your Continue Reading

Some People Think Design Means How It Looks

We can’t stress enough the importance of the requirements capture phase and what you can do to make that step successful. In this article, we will discuss the design phase of a software development project. A software development project consists of the following phases: Requirements capture (Interviews and analysis) Design Programming Testing Beta software installation Customer beta testing and feedback Continue Reading