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Why Technology Startups should not ignore Software Testing?

Most of the companies which are well-established have started to realize the significance of software testing. This is now being very essential for the technology start-ups. The new companies in the field of technology face several problems, issues and uncertainties. The new companies are opting to choose the use of software testing, as it is a vital thing in concern with the quality issue.

Getting some bugs while going through the software development process might not seem a big deal. The detection of those bugs is to be done at some cost, other than the costs related to product release. It is stated by the giant of technology “IBM” that the costs of error rise abruptly as you advance in the process of development. It is better to fix a bug in its early stages because it would be very high-priced to get it fixed after its release.

Drawbacks of a Technology Startup

Like all other companies or organizations, there are several drawbacks as well as challenges involved in the testing of software. These limitations embrace fewer budgets, lack of resources and time that have been assigned for the testing. Here are some of the key challenges which are as follows:


In order to release Minimum Viable Product quickly so as to get fast returns, there is always an additional pressure on most of the start-ups. As most of the start-ups follow a technique to release a product first in the market and then try to find out the bugs. In this process, they may get failed as it takes a lot of time and resources to fix up the bugs after the release of a product. This is why fixing or finding a bug takes most of the time.


It is seen with the start-ups that they come with a lot of excitement to learn something new. Although they might be having a consistent pressure as they go through all the responsibilities. Most startups don’t possess a devoted department for doing all the tests, and this responsibility is undertaken by the development teams. As the development team might not be fully efficient in this department, so they can be a lot of bugs left pending.


It is a harsh reality that start-ups are highly concerned about the budget as it is a crucial thing that can’t be overlooked when focusing on software testing. If a startup company wish to assign a team in order to find the bugs before the final production, the process gets very expensive.

Well Thought Leadership:

Many startup companies lack proper strategic planning which can lead the company with a well-thought leadership. The things that are accumulated in a well-thought leadership are; assigning a specific time to a particular activity, appointing the tools to use, finding the number of resources which are to be used and the overall expenditures or costs which seem to be ignored by the companies. This is the reason that it gets hard for technology start-ups.

In order to understand and solve the drawbacks of the new companies, they define their strategies. This is why that software testing cannot be ignored or overlooked at any cost or under any circumstances.

Main Aims and Objectives of Software Testing

• Ensuring that the end results get to match with the final requirements of the user

• Soaring the profit levels

• To find out defects in the software so that it performs in a smooth manner

• Evaluation of the quality of a product

• Gaining customer loyalty by bestowing high offering superior products

Testing that shouldn’t be Ignored

Here are some types of testing enlisted below that should never be ignored:

Exploratory Testing

The foremost test that is must for all the new applications is exploratory testing. This testing involves testing the basic pillars of quality. This test is an unplanned process in which the search of bugs is achieved manually with the help of a tester.

Regression Testing

Testing is never a single point process. A regression test is done every time you change the coding in order to check whether the new coding has not broken the previous functioning features or not.

Performance Testing

Performance tests are done to obtain better performances. This test is a good technique to build up a good bond with the users. This test helps the application to load swiftly. By this, you can make your users feel happy


Quality is the foremost thing that will set you apart from the market, may you be a new company or an old one The easiest technique to make sure you get to make your startup company a blockbuster is by making your clients or user happy and to bestow them with a flawless familiarity while they look through your application. If you ignore the testing procedures from your strategic planning, you will end up in losing customers in the long run.

The people who are expert in giving the startups with some creative and exclusive things, they make up the strategies in accordance with their budgets and needs. Even the core models aid to deal with the unpredictable and incoherent resource demands of the startup companies. It is advised to use the flexible models so that the overall resources get to be planned efficiently. The use of such models will aid in meeting up the variable requirements at any time.

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