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How to Ask Customers for a Review and Get Better Rankings

As from the business point of view, the impact of good customer reviews is a very vital aspect that results in the overall growth of your revenue. With the use of internet across the globe, the world has become very small with the connectivity spreading everywhere. However, the new startup companies may get failed in the competitive world. There might be any anonymous reason behind it, but reviewing a product provides the users with greater visibility. Customer reviews are important from various aspects, it can be crucial for getting better rankings which indirectly make you lead in your competitive field.

Here is a list of the facts that describe the value of customer reviews:

Most of the people search out a business online

As we proceed in the world of technology, it is not a surprising fact that most of us check for a business online before investing or before buying any product, which means that your decisions depend on the positivity of the customer reviews.

90% of people do trust online reviews

It is a researched data that major population does blindly trust the online reviews on different online sites.


Customer Reviews can result in Increased Sales

It is an obvious thing that the product that is liked by customers will get good reviews, and thus more people will indulge in buying it. Overall it is said that it can result in soared levels of revenue from the business.

2/3rd people only interact with brands that possess positive reviews

It is very hard to believe that most of you don’t even consider a product worth buying if the reviews are bad.

Expectation v/s reality

People get to know the difference in the expectations and the actual reality of the product being sold via customer reviews. For example; a pair of shoes from a good brand might look catchy online, but it might not be of good material. This reality can be read in the review section.

It is an ideal way for the Customers to avail the best deal

Customer community has a strong influence on success rates on a product or brand. The customers find it very easy to know about the worth, quality, service and other aspects before opting to buy it or not.

It might be clear to you about the importance of customer reviews, but many of you might not be able to achieve them. Here are some ways to achieve positive customer reviews:

Social-Media-Community1. Ask for Reviews from Social Media Community

People who are in touch with you via social media platforms can provide honest customer reviews for your product so that you can also improve them. This way of getting reviews is well proved by many experts.

2. Contact your Customers right after the Delivery

This is also a very good way to ask for reviews as the customers tend to be in the happiest mood right after the deliveries. They feel good to give something back to you as per the principle of reciprocity. So it is advised to request the customer for reviews within 2 to 3 days of the sale.

In case they are having some query, provide them with the appropriate feedback for which they can get happy and review your product in a positive manner.

3. A Handwritten Note can get your Reviews

Even till this modern era of internet and advanced technology, the technique of sending handwritten notes is considered a great way to make up a good impression. This is an easy way to let your customer feel special about the bond they share with you. In this good feeling, they tend to review your product easily.

The new technological way is to send a handwritten note with a QR code on it, which directly takes your customers to the customer review page so that their valuable time is never waste at any cost.


4. Consider a Testimonial Swap

A testimonial swap is another way to redirect the customer in order to get reviews from a source that the future customers might be trusting. It is a new age technique which is very easy and handy.

5. Incentivize

In the end, no matter what technique you are using for letting in the flow of reviews. But if you are offering quality products and your brand is a renowned one, you will be getting those valuable reviews automatically.

How do SEO rankings get better with Customer reviews:

According to a research study, it is perceived that if you generate user-oriented product or content, you get better reviews than others. It is also stated that people are likely to buy a product if they get to know about the positive comments, if not; they skip to buy it.

The aspects on which the rankings of Google depend tend to change with the passage of time. But overall, to attain better ranking you should have some elements in your product such as relevancy, uniqueness, great UI & UX etc.

Thus it can be concluded that positive customer reviews surely results in increased SEO rankings which in return perk up the visibility of your site online. When talking about the long-term benefits, good customer reviews let to create brand loyalty that helps to direct a particular group of customers to your product or brand.

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