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How Seo plays a crucial role to grow your business

Seo is getting your website to feature in the top results of the search engines.In other words it is optimising your website in an intelligent way so that search engines would rank you higher in the search results.

Awareness and driving clients

People are using search engines to find the things they are looking for so it becomes imperative for websites to feature in top results of the serp.The top 10 web results in google search engines get 95% of the traffic.

Being among the top shown results in search results means more people will know about your product offering and service. Attention is the most important thing in the current fast paced digital world. More attention means more traffic or visitors to your webpage and more are your chances to convert those prospects into sales.

Being there at the right time

It User post search queries in search engines and top results that are relevant to their search query or keyword are shown as top pages, therefore selection of keywords is a very important task to carry out before you plan your content.Keyword tools like google keyword planner, semrush, ahrefs can be used by businesses to find relevant highly searched keywords and accordingly they can make content around those keywords to get shown in the search results.

Seo has higher return on interest and better conversion rate than paid ads therefore it’s a good long term strategy to invest in seo. Seo keeps giving returns in the long run whereas in case of ads you have to keep spending in order to keep featuring in the search results and once you stop investing you will not get any traffic.

Right content gets you the sales

Content can be considered a form of sales pitch,if you address all the queries through your content then your prospects are more likely to convert. With content you can strategically highlight your product features and explain to them how your product can add value to their life.

You can write informational content for your audience i.e the kind of content which educates them about your product and tells them how your product can solve their particular problem.

On the other side you can write transactional content, this kind of content is for the prospects who already know about the product offering and are looking to buy a product or a service.

Therefore you can write content for people who are at different stages of the sales funnel.

With a good seo strategy in place, you wouldn’t need to actively look for prospects as they will be coming to you and you wouldn’t need to invest in outbound methods like cold calling, emails etc.This is in turn will reduce the customer acquisition cost.

Brand building and enhancing the user experience

The language that you use in the content should resonate with your target audience.You should use the kind of language that resonates with your target audience.For example if your target audience is the multi-million corporates then you will using sophisticated terms and professional language in your content, if your target audience is young millenials you will use language that is casual and friendly.The correct language and tone makes quite a big difference as it helps in establishing a personal connection with your target audience.

If you write good content that educates your prospects in an intelligent, clear and unambiguous manner then you will establish yourself as someone of authority in your prospects minds and prospects are more likely to think of you as the expert in your area or discipline.It will also help in building trust and people will be more likely to buy your product offering.

Good content will get shared on social media by the people, this will increase your brand value and also enhance brand image.A product or a service of a known brand will be more likely to be bought by the prospects.

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