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Hiring the Best Mobile App Developers: Do’s and Don’ts

In today’s fast-moving era of technology, we are all surrounded by technologies and their advancements and one of them are the mobile apps. Today, all businesses are aware of the fact that only having the web presence is not enough in this competitive market. And that’s the reason; they are leveraging more on mobile apps nowadays.

As a business, creating the mobile apps is of great significance, because the end users have become technologically deft and everyone needs all the features on the go. There are some businesses which have their in-house apps, whereas some others hire a mobile app developer to only get the access of using the external or third-party apps. Whatever, it may be, the actual fact is that every businesses nowadays – previous or new cannot miss the facet of virtual presence. Today, they’re introducing all their transactions within the style of apps – be it on-line booking, payments or simply viewing the services.

That is why an app has become imperative for obvious reasons. So as to sustain within the market these days, you’ve got to induce a hang of fine apps and that’s the time when the main role of app developers takes place.

Here are some do’s and don’ts which you should focus on while hiring a mobile app developer to let you take a wise decision–


Let’s have a quick look at a few top clues that you should add to your checklist while hiring a mobile app developer –

Previous experiences matter

Experience during this field is incredibly vital. The developer that you just hire should have lots of previous expertise in the domain that you just wish the app to be developed. This can be as a result of, for an amateur, it may become tough to measure by the mandate requirements of the market and company.


In-depth understanding of your domain

Say, you belong from the hospitality sector and need to induce an app developed during this sector solely. For this, would you like someone who doesn’t have any knowledge in your domain, and you’ve got to clarify everything? Or would you wish someone who is aware of your domain well, and has relevant experience? So that you don’t need to justify everything and that they understand how the industry works already?

The app developer should be capable to build apps on multiple platforms

Ask yourself the question, “which platform you wish the app to be developed?” You’ll have A as your answer, and after you raise your partner the same question, they’ll have B as a solution. Well, raise the same to your staff, they’ll recommend C. Currently what does one do? In such situations, wouldn’t you like to hire an app developer that may build you an app on numerous platforms? Well, this being one reason and additionally – the market is so volatile that you just may not need to stay investing, again and again, to build the identical app in different versions.

Technology is the only key

Oh yes! Really, now ought to have flat-top the charts; however we have a tendency to fail to need to freak you’re out, quite honestly! Whereas you hire a team of app developers, it’s quite a basic task that you just guarantee they’re forever high on technology. There’ll be lots of technical aspects to the present that you’ll not bear in mind of, however they must understand it. Thus, after you are on the lookout for hiring a team, attempt to have a glance at their previous experiences, and have a conversation with their app developers.

Sturdy App Portfolio

You may would like simply a basic app; however it’s really the duty of the app development team to recommend you higher versions and portfolios of applications and mobile apps. The team of app developers shall even be in a position to use completely different technological stacks for numerous app platforms. One size fits all, might not work after you have a varied kind of demand, and therefore the team that you just hire shall be ready to perceive that demand.

Have a glance at their Expertise Portfolio

This will facilitate your to evaluate their words and their actions. Not that the corporate and therefore the team can lie, however it’ll facilitate your to match your preferences with the type of labour they need done before. This may conjointly facilitate your analysis that technology they’ve worked on before and will it synchronize with what you’re wanting at! This may conjointly facilitate your to keep a watch on the potential and expertise of the corporate. Having a glance at their portfolio can offer you a detailed watch on the projects that they have worked on before and you may apprehend, in a very imprecise manner if they’re going to be ready to work on your project or not. Also, you may apprehend if the team is providing you with new concepts and ideas, to form your app distinctive.


Choose for hiring a team that’s more Creative and Innovative

Well, we all know you may not be ready to gauge a developer on this basis on one go, which is why we have a tendency to extremely advocate that you just have long chats and conversations with the team, have a glance at their previous expertise and portfolios. Also, after you sit down with them, raise them a way to set about, and provides them hints regarding what you’re staring at. Raise them to return up with a rough draft of your app and see however inventive it’s. Tell them you don’t like and so see, however innovative they will be, so as to change it as per your preferences. Also, they must not solely be inventive with concepts, however they must even be additional innovative once it involves usage of open supply platforms. Check their creativeness in terms of the persona of users yet, as that’s a crucial issue of your app.

Communication is also the key

Wondering however this may affect? Well, does one need your app style to be nice, however the content to be average? No? right? That’s why it’s extremely vital that you just opt for somebody who has nice communication skills – each spoken and written. This may conjointly facilitate them to speak their concepts and styles in a very additional appealing manner.

Quality can’t be neglected

Once you’re on the method of obtaining your app developed, don’t let the app developer mate at their own sweet time. Always, keep soliciting for updates and provides your suggestions directly. this may facilitate your keep a top quality sign in management and can save it slow of obtaining the full app modified at the last moment.


Having these points in your mind can facilitate your to eliminate groups and developers who aren’t qualified enough to assist you develop an app –

Pricing should not be the deciding factor

Make this terribly clear in your mind, and conjointly discuss the identical issue to your team. after you are at some extent of selecting one app development team for your company, don’t take a hasty call supported valuation. If valuation may be a concern, then we’d recommend – you only YouTube app development skills and mate on your own. There can be heaps of app developers who will provide the quality of services at lower cost. Hence, forever do an intensive check of the portfolio of the app developer, and let value be the ultimate stop after you are hiring app developer. It’s a wise option to have your one-time investment value so you are doing not need to keep investment within the same arena. If you’re doing this for the primary time, you’ll not have a plan of the particular prices – for this, do intensive analysis, raise your colleagues Who have more responsible this method.

Don’t calculate your long terms returns on easy returns on Investment

If you’re not from a monetary background, you’ll not bear in mind that there are literally 3 differing types of come back on investments – easy come back on investment, risk-return on investment and potency come back on investment. After you are conniving if the method to hire an app developer is truly value or not, don’t settle in only for the foremost easy one. Your product shall not simply be ready to reap your financials profits, however it ought to even be ready to facilitate your improve your potency and cut back all the risks related to it.  Risks like malware or information protection shall even be eliminated.

Never go for choosing the ‘no documentation rules’

Be it a substitute for an existing app or an altogether new venture into the virtual world, an app is a crucial facet of your business. Don’t settle for any but the simplest, and after you hire an app developer, forever implement documentation of everything. From the fundamentals of what you specified to, the valuation, timelines and therefore the after-sales services that you just have specified. Either you document everything and raise the team to forever provide their confirmation on that, or go vice -versa. If you’re thinking that emails and such communication modes are OK, which will be it, or else, you’ll be able to have correct physical documents created and signed by each parties.

This has 2 reasons – having everything documented, can facilitate your to stay sensible terms in reference to business, as no party are ready to take undue advantage. Secondly, these documentations can return handy after you need to travel for enhancements, or upgradation of your app either through the identical company or another app development team.

Don’t select offshore agencies that don’t have lots of resources

Now, here resources may well be personnel, or it may well be technological ones yet. This can be one major issue that you just should have a glance at. Don’t choose any company that doesn’t have the experience or doesn’t have the personnel to supply you with all that you just are searching for.

Secondly, forever refrain from hiring offshore mobile app developers, as distance will play a vital role within the best outcome. If the corporate is found within the same town as your, it becomes simple for you to speak and check on progress. Also, having to hire app developer from another geographical location might have you ever find yourself paying exaggerated prices supported that location and therefore the company. Completely different country can herald the zone issue yet.

Don’t hire a company that doesn’t provide any support/maintenance services after delivery

An app might need lots of bug fixes and maintenance once the merchandise is discharged within the market. You’ll conjointly need the corporate to stay on change their privacy terms, and update policies. Thus, it’s vital that you just talk terms on these terms beforehand and don’t settle certain any company that doesn’t give you these maintenance connected services for your app.

App certificate and non-disclosure agreement should not be ignored

Your app should be certified so as to be discharged into the marketplace for usage. Don’t select app developers who don’t have certified resources and app development tools. It’s vital that the app developer is aware of the legal needs of the app, and abides by them strictly. A non-disclosure agreement is additionally vital whereby; it states that the independent agency of your app won’t be disclosed by the other company.

Don’t opt for a team that’s not attentive to the safety and privacy aspects of an app

Last but not least, it’s imperative that the app developer brings to your notice all those security and privacy aspects associated with your company and app. Do your detailed analysis so that you should not regret later. After you hire an app developer, they must incorporate all those terms and should also mention them in your privacy statement.

Winding Up

Hopefully, the checklist given above will able to help you find a right mobile app developer for your business. Moreover, QualiteSoft is also having the team of expert Mobile App Developers in Vancouver who can offer you the innovative and feature-rich mobile applications for all platforms weather its Android Application Development or the iOS apps development. Want to know more about our expertise, give us a call today at 800-463-7313!

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