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Good Software Testing Strategies

Give early feedback – Test engineers should be included early in the development process providing feedback on feature scope, architecture, and sustainable development.

Enable the larger team to run faster – Software test engineers should be responsible for the product’s automated test framework by responding to the needs of the development team

Inspire creativity – Development engineers don’t always find the right test cases when building a feature. Software test engineers supplement the test process by adding in new ideas for test cases. Test engineers also bring new Testing practices to the organization.

Test flexibly – Software test engineers focus on exploratory testing and serve as a clear set of eyes when the development team needs quick, critical feedback. This is helpful on less common use cases or areas that are harder to test in an automated fashion.

Engage with the outside – As issues come in from customer support, software test engineers can triage to prioritize the severity and risk- allowing developers to focus on implementing fixes.

Mix development and test – Effective teams grow and retain talent by sharing responsibilities across the team. Rotate the software test engineers with software development skills into feature development roles to give them a new perspective. Likewise, encourage developers to take part in improving the test automation infrastructure.

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