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Are You Listening to SEOs or Consumers?

All of us know that Nokia never asked their customers if they want Nokia to change to Android or not nor do Apple asks their customers what they require. But it isn’t the case in most cases. Nokia was unfortunate and ended up in a failure whereas Apple is still on the path of success. Listening to your customers and search engine optimization, both aspects play different roles. Lets us know the importance of both these aspects on a business.

Significance of Listening to Consumers

Some think that there is no point in asking consumers about their expected requirements whereas some think in the opposite way. The demands of the customers can be true but at sometimes they might not fit in the budget.

So here is a list of merits of listening to consumers:

• Better Bonding with Consumers: In case you resolve the problem of your consumer and you at your end want to know the cause of that fault. This can be achieved by getting in a conversation with them or listening to what they say. This technique will help you to know about the overall common problems so that you improve that aspect. Once you do this, your customers establish a better bond with you.


• Asking and Receiving Feedback: Having feedbacks from the customers is a very popular way of knowing about your strong points and weaknesses. You get to know about the gap between the strong points and weaknesses that can be corrected by the company afterward. Overall it is a great way of learning. It is advised to call or email your customers for having their valuable feedbacks.

• Increased Sales: When you know the problems of customers, you fix them and build better bonds with them. This long-term process will aid in increased sales as customers tend to buy a product from a company which they are happy with.

• Get New Customers: Paying back to the regular customers in the best possible way will surely earn you new customers as they regular ones will tell others about your services and good experiences.

• Win Customer’s Heart: Last but not least, making up a brand image is what you will be having with you in the end. A good brand image is achieved by giving them what they want and resolving all their queries which will tend to result in winning the customer’s heart.

Importance of SEO

The scenario of the digital might have changed a lot in the past years, but it won’t be wrong to say that SEO still holds a very crucial place in order to boost up as a business. We have compiled the top benefits of SEO which are as follows:

• Increased Traffic: The very obvious reason for SEO is for getting an increased traffic to your site which results in making good money. There are several detailed factors on which the increased traffic further depends upon.

• Cost-effectiveness: Search Engine Optimization is a key thing relevant to cost-effective marketing strategies. With SEO, you are able to target a particular group searching for the services bestowed by you. Overall, it aids in soared traffic towards your site.

• Increased Usability of Site: While you tend to optimize your site, you also make up your site more usable as it gets easy & simple for the users to browse a good site. The trick is to design your site and content that the users feel more comfortable using it.


• Brand Building: When you get your site optimized in such as manner that it is shown in the top results, which directly means your site is having more exposure to the audience. This hike in audience or site traffic will make people more aware about your site and will build up a brand name for it.

Relation between Consumers and SEO

• To grow up as a company or a product, you need to have positive consumer reviews that recommend the other users to use it. Until and unless you haven’t got it, you won’t be able to succeed that much. This is the reason why all the major market pioneers are keen on having the feedbacks.

• If you allow people to review your content, at the end you will be having a proper image of what is required by most of the people. And in case if you have that much budget to fulfill those need, it would be very surprising that you fail. This is what Google always do, they take the reviews, build up a new product, which in return helps to improve their rankings as well as revenues.

• The consumers give feedback in a natural and casual language which sometimes can serve as keywords for the users. So it is very beneficial from the SEO point of view.

It should be clear to all of you that SEO is a bigger terminology, as Consumer feedback tends to be a part of SEO. If you’re looking for SEO experts who can Optimize your business website to drive the massive traffic on it and converting them into buyers, then you’re at right place. We are the team of highly experienced, reliable and proven SEO Consultants Vancouver who are helping the businesses across the globe. Contact us today to taste some secret SEO recipes with our team of experts.

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