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Qualitesoft Inc.

Located in the heart of Vancouver BC Canada and globally operated with different offices around the world, Qualitèsoft is the leading Software Development and Quality Assurance organization. We’re specialized in Custom Software and Mobile App development, QA Software Manual & Automation Testing, Accounting, Data Entry and IT support around the clock.

Companies quite often can’t compete because of their inability to source resources quickly. In many cases, they don’t want to commit to a full-time resource when the tasks require limited effort. This is where Qualitesoft can help. Here at Qualitesoft, we believe in providing our customers with the right resources to do the job right for the right amount of time, eliminating all the barriers that typically exist.

We help small and mid-sized software companies to focus more on core functions, redirect strategic internal resources for core activities, accelerate migration to new technology, enhance risk management, lower infrastructure investments and access to world-class capabilities.

Our mission is to achieve clients objectives, stay ahead of competition, concentrate on the core competencies, make use of latest technologies, guarantee high quality delivery, on budget and in-full with dedicated team.

  • Services Includes:

    • Software Application Development
    • Mobile App Development
    • QA Manual & Automation Testing
    • Digital SEO Services
    • Accounting & Data Entry
    • IT & Admin Support